Regional action strategies for coastal zone adaptation to climate change

Final Steering and Technical Committee Meeting of the Coastance Project

The Final Steering and Technical Committee Meeting of the Coastance Project took place on 26th March at “Kageles” Agrotouristic Center at Maroneia, Greece. Partners grasped the occasion to discuss the overall advancements and results of the project, not only from the financial and managerial point of view, but also in technical terms. In particular, the lead partner explained the contents to be provided for the final report. Each component leader presented the relevant deliverables and outputs as well as the experiences and know-how acquired during the implementation of the project and capitalisation activities.Together with Mr Spyros Arseniou, head of the European Programmes and International Affairs Office in REMTH, partners discussed about the Final Declaration of the project and how to put the basis to implement it in the REMTH region and in the other countries. A session of the meeting was also dedicated to the analysis of future initiatives like FACECOAST, the Bologna Charter, EURIOMCODE and BEACHMED-3. 

The international Conference of the Coastance project was held at the Conference Room of Rhodope Regional Unit on 27th March.

The Part A of the Conference was chaired by Mr Katsimigas, Executive Secretary of REMTH, who then gave the floor to Mr Christos Partsias, lead partner of the COASTANCE project. As regards the 3 Coastance project components: Mr Philippe Carbonnel (Département de l’Hérault) intervened on the component 3 “Coastal risks and development key drivers – new tools for erosion and submersion risk assessment and coastal future development scenarios identification”; Mr Roberto Montanari and Christian Marasmi (Region of Emilia-Romagna), head of component 4, talked about “Territorial action plans for coastal protection management”; and Ms Silvia Bellacicco (Lazio Region) and Paola La Valle (ISPRA) reported on component 5, i.e. on “Guidelines for environmental impact assessment of coastal defence programmes and interventions”.Among the other speakers, Professor Kotsovinos from Democritus University made a speech on “Coastal flooding phenomena in REMTH in relation to Climate Change”. Mr Theothoros Mouriadis, Deputy Mayor of Kavala, intervened on “Experiences of the Municipality of Kavala in addressing erosion”. The Deputy Mayor of Alexandroupolis, Mr Christos Gerakopoulos spoke about “Experiences of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis in addressing erosion”. Then an intervention on the “Practical integration in REMTH – Coastal integration plan” was made by Mr Athanasios Karamoschos (TRANSCOOP). Mr Michalis Aftias (YDRONOMI) explained the Kariani case study of Coastance project”; and finally Emmanouil Koutrakis (F.R.I.) reported on “Integrated coastal zone management related activities in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace”. 

The Part B started after lunch and was chaired by Mr Paolo Lupino, Lazio Region. The session was focused on future initiatives.The chairman of the session reported on the future after Coastance and especially on “What’s next? The FACECOAST cluster”.Ms Phoebe Koundouri, from DIEES Athens University, intervened on “THESEUS-MAREMED synergies on coastal adaptation to climate change”. Ms Maria Laura Trifiletti (European Academy for education and social research) talked about “The clusters and the European Groupings for territorial cooperation”. Ms Georgia Karavaggeli (REMTH) focused on “The MED European project SHIFT for a sustainable coastal tourism”, and Mr Sylaios (Democritus University) on “the MARENOSTRUM project and potential synergies with Facecoast cluster”.The last speaker, Mr Luigi Cipriani (Region of Tuscany) closed the session reporting on “Coastal network of observatories according to RESMAR and FACECOAST involvement”. 

The third day was dedicated to the study visit.


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